About Us

Thailand Future Foundation

About Us

Thailand Future Foundation was set up to provide a platform for leaders from business, academia, and government to engage in informed discussion of issues of importance for our country's future with a view towards synthesizing and formulating them into practical and implementable recommendation.


To inform and raise the level of policy debate. Many issues get needlessly politicized. But what are the real issues? Who wins and loses? What are the benefits and the costs? Without a clear and transparent specification of these issues, it is difficult to have a rational and informed debate about what is an appropriate and implementable solution.

To suggest constructive solutions for implementation. Too often debates degenerate into criticisms about what should not be done with few constructive suggestions about what should be done. There is no such thing as a perfect solution. What we are looking for is something that works.

"How we are different"

TFF will operate according to 3 principles which distinguish it from other research institutes in terms of our operating philosophy.

“Open source.” There is already a lot of good research that is already out there.  We do not claim to be an expert on every issue.  There is no need for another research institute producing “me-too” research.  Our job is to pull together the best research that is out there and turn them into good, implementable solutions.To do this, we will network closely with other experts and institutions.   

“70/30.”  Take your typical research paper.  The bulk of it (at least 70%) is likely to be devoted to issues of methodology, analysis and research, with relatively little effort (no more than 30%) devoted to the policy and business implications and recommendations.  Most research typically focuses on why something needs to be done rather than how it should be done.  But what is really needed is the how.  Accordingly, we seek to reverse this pattern and instead seek to devote the bulk of our effort on issues of implementation with a correspondingly lower weight on issues of methodology and analysis. 

Multidisciplinary.  Research and universities are typically organized and conducted along lines of academic disciplines, e.g., economics, political science, sociology.  Unfortunately, problems and issues are rarely so generous as to organize themselves neatly along such lines.  Most problems are by nature multidisciplinary.  Effective solutions will therefore need to be as well.  Our approach will be to take such an explicitly multidisciplinary approach to problem solving as well.  As a result, we seek to bring together academics, business leaders, and policy makers together to provide the multiple perspectives requisite for workable recommendations and solutions.